more where that came from

how lovely. here are some more photos by the photographer who's beets i featured yesterday - i think i'm in love.

yesterday: hectic. ohhh dear, how hectic. but i got some essential stuff done (even though i had to work late to get it done) and now we're rolling forward faster now. awesome. not to mention, i got another commission for a painting from my cousin kerri, who just recently moved into her new house and outted herself as a "stalker of my blog". (hi kerri!)

today: continuing to roll along. i had a genius thought that i'm going to try to take one picture per day. of something. anything. i used to think that, if i carried my lil camera with me everywhere, something beautiful and strange and unexpected would come out of the woodwork and whack me in the face so that i'd capture it on camera.

nothing's jumped out yet, and i've been carrying my camera in my bag now for at least a month. so now i'm going to settle on simple things. it's a start.

(and then i wonder if i'm really just crazy and trying to pile too many things onto my plate when what i should be doing is scooping it off).

know what's great, though, for today? i have some delisch low-fat cream of cauliflower soup for lunch. with cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top, just enough so it gets melty. mm. recipe to follow. it makes me happy.

let's challenge my photo-taking skills now, in attempting to get a decent shot of it in my office-sans-fenĂȘtres
(that's my fancy way of saying my cubicle is entirely artificially lit by flourescent bulbs. how industrial-chic).

images from here


Julia said...

I love your picture a day task, deary! Very inspirational!

Lady Steel said...

Awesome photos! I tried to get my husband to take a few photos every day, nothing yet but I will keep trying as you should too! Ha

Amanda Nicole said...

I love love taking photos. I find the more you do it, the easier it becomes to find the perfect shot :)

kerrib said...

Hi Court
LOVE cream of cauliflower soup. I ALWAYS find and see things to take pics of at exactly the time I do NOT have my camera, so keep carrying away!
Yes, I am your newest blog stalker and am SO excited about your painting for my house!

Chelsea said...

I'm the same way! I carry my camera and wait for inspiration to just tackle me. But I've found that instead of just capturing SOMETHING in order to find inspiration, if you capture EVERYTHING you can create it instead. Keep the camera ready, love!

Bri said...

Bah. Not a good excuse not to take a picture! Is your camera digital? If so, you have no excuse since you can just delete the picture if it's terrible. And if it's film, well, film is cheap!


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