three so beautiful things

1) so very thankful for everyone who attended jess' baby shower yesterday - for their support and encouragement, and of course, for the oh-so-generous gifts. she and jose are truly blessed. xo

2) my time on saturday was spent just the way i like it - getting a few errands done and then settling into doing something creative. my original plans were to paint, but i wasn't quite feeling it. besides, it was high time to do some redecorating 'round these here parts, and i'd been meaning to learn some basics of Illustrator. after spending a bit of time googling the HTML needed to make some changes and downloading various Illustrator swatches and Photoshop patterns, i managed to pull it all together and finally get it looking more like how i'd been wanting it to look. for all of you restless kindred spirits out there - i'll be posting a tutorial up tomorrow - it's much, much easier than you'd think!

3) am enjoying some delicious coffee that i bought on the weekend from timothy's - caramel vanilla nut. it's love at first taste. yum.

image by me


Happy Banyan said...

What a beautiful picture! Those trees are gorgeous. And the coffee sounds so delicious!

Amanda Nicole said...

I love it! It's autumn-y, yet fresh. Sigh, I need to make some tweeks to mine as well.

Erica said...

mmmm... that coffee sounds good. Lovely picture.

It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend :)


Erica said...

mmmm... that coffee sounds good. Lovely picture.

It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend :)


Dionne said...

I love Baby Showers, I am glad this one went well!

And yes, Illustrator is awesome, and so is coffee!

Love the image!

katrina lauren said...

beautiful image....how i wish i could take a little tour on that road right now! the changing leaves are oh so lovely! i am excited about the tips on beautifying blogs...mine desperately needs a face lift!
happy day to you!

Rachel Follett said...

Great photo. I have always loved images of paths that are never ending. There is a sense of peace to them I suppose.

Loving the new blog look! Great job!

Bri said...

Wow, the redesign looks really great!!! I wish I was still on blogger so that it was easy to do this sort of thing. I really think you did a great job - you changed it but it still looks like *you*. <3


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