big woot. (and i mean big.)


big love
goes out to you guys who left such kind words of support and solutions for feeling antsy yesterday. it really helps to know that, even if you don't have a quick-fix (or even a slow-fix) for my case of the fidgets, at least there's others out there who often find themselves in the same boat as me. not to mention - it helps remind me of things that i really deep down know that i should be doing, but often forget to. like scheduling nothing time. yeah - i know i talk about it quite a bit, and am all big on the slow movement and such, but really, nothing-time can get eaten up pretty darn easily. i suspect it's one of the lowest things on the food chain.

sometimes i just forget to breathe.
(note to self.)

anyhow, after my 10-hour day at work yesterday (i so totally kicked it's ass: three times across campus for various meetings, webinars, workshops and such and in stilettos no less!), the evening was definitely a scheduling-nothing-time-time.

zilch. nada. nil.

except for a little of whatever i felt like doing. which was throwing in an oven pizza for dinner when i got home (hello mccain's rising crust roasted chicken deluxe!), putting on my comfiest lulu's and hoodie, and getting down to an evening of some serious fringe-watching. which was pretty sweet, even if i didn't get a chance to paint at all.

(dont look at me in that tone of voice, mat cutter. i'll deal with you lata. ditto you, paintbrush.)


Julia said...

Whoohoo! Bravo you :)

By the way, I can "follow" your blog now! Woot, woot!

Rachel said...

You NEED those nothing nights. Way to go, you!

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

Whew! I agree, having some nothing time sounds like a great idea. If you don't you'll just explode with fustration sometimes. I know I feel that way.

please sir said...

Those kind of nights are great - oh I love Fringe too!!


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