pre-giveway, post-weekend

what a great family day. my mom and sister and i went for a walk in the sunshine in downtown unionville, where we seemed to be among a ton of other people who had the same idea as we did - get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and take some pics while we're at it.

it's been a pretty snow-heavy winter this year and due to the warm/rainy spell we've had recently, most of the 7' snowbanks have melted away (thank god!) and we took some much-needed advantage of our newly-found (mostly) ice-free status. not to mention, the -1 degree weather was pretty sweet too.

as for the rest of it, our valentines day weekend was pretty relaxed - we had dinner on saturday with my fam and mike surprised me with a valentines toblerone (you know - the one with the rose on it) since i wouldn't let him buy real roses, some ice wine (!!) and the movie bottle shock. it was a wine-themed night. even though the movie was just ok, the evening was great cause it was just spent relaxing on the couch. my favourite!

i also got a chance to get some organizing done. i know, i know, i'm one of those people who gets immensely excited by office supplies and the container store, but i can't help it. i spent all saturday (pre-ice wine) cleaning out my closet and re-organizing my "studio" space.

after last friday's post, i wanted to get my space in ship-shape so that i could take some pics of it to give myself some perspective of what i need to do in order to get it just the way i like it. i have to admit- it's coming along pretty nicely but it's still not 100%. (maybe i have to just admit that it'll forever be a work in progress?) either way, pics to come tomorrow.

and speaking of tomorrow, it'll be my day to announce my first-ever giveaway, in celebration of my blog's yeariversary. hip hip!


picciolo said...

sounds like a wonderful day and valentine's weekend, ice wine sounds interesting
: )

Julia said...

What a sweet way to celebrate the weekend :)

Rachel said...

Hey, office supplies are exciting! Are you going to post some organized work space pictures for us?

Taylor said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your family! Thanks for sharing. And wow, 7 inch snowbanks??? And I thought I had it bad here in Indiana! ;)

By the way...I'm so totally with you on getting excited by office supplies. :) Can't wait to see photos of your studio space...


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