ready, freddie

so - this weekend turned out to be a pretty great one for no particular reason at all. one of those ones where, on sunday night, you feel that it's not really a sunday at all {mostly because it feels like it's been a really long weekend, not because it flew by and you didnt get a chance to rest, you know?}

either way, it was a-ok by me. i got to spend some time with my family, got a little bit of cleaning done, we went to see slumdog millionaire with my good friend kelly {great movie!}, and then came home, made some delicious sammiches for lunch tomorrow and got a little chance to relax before bed with a steaming cuppa earl grey tea and a butter tart. mmm. how could i ask for more?

watch out, monday - i'm ready for you!

above: some lovelies that i've been eyeing for a while now.
yellow bag by urban outfitters
skruvsta chair by ikea
stained glass necklace & bird sculpture from anthropologie
woodgrain watch by nixon


Massacremike said...

Monday is friggin' here. It friggin' sucks. I can't wait for Friday.

Massacremike said...

Oh yeah, don't forget to tell everyone how I turned you on to that wicked watch ;)

Rachel said...

It sounds perfect. I love those weekends that feel longer than they really are.

picciolo said...

sounds like a great weekend, and I love that yellow bag!
: )

Julia said...

You had a fabulous weekend, hun! FABULOUS! I love this collage, too!

Art Kitten said...

I have been wanting to see Slumdog Millionaire, instead, though Nathaniel and Maya and I went to go and see Coraline, which was also very good.


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