like, seriously


i'm definitely ready for a good relaxing weekend. too bad this weekend's pretty booked. between helping my aunt and uncle clean out my cousin's apartment, haircuts and cleaning my own stuff, i'll be lucky if i have anything left on my to-do list.

i kid, i kid. there's always stuff on my to-do list. guh.

what's on your plate for the next few days?

1. cherry blossoms @ Okuyama Heights, 2. lily, 3. 36/208ish, 4. gray/black, 5. love & twigs, 6. autumn blossoms, 7. river stones, 8. ., 9. lineofshoes, 10. sitting in the afternoon sun, 11. llibreria - bookstore - Amsterdam - HDR, 12. candle forest, 13. 035 : 365 dec 28 pause., 14. fresh coffee, 15. Untitled, 16. letters, 17. Paper Heart, 18. Alicia Bock Photography, 19. More daisies, 20. __Lovin'_in_All_Stars__, 21. camera shy, 22. corner, 23. anniversary, 24. silent white... ♫ egrets from bali ♫♫, 25. Lightness, 26. corrugated heart, 27. valentines day, 28. a day at the park, another day of love, 29. Love XOXO, 30. "love comes from the most unexpected places...", 31. When there's snow on the ground (365/271), 32. louder, please, 33. ever evolving, 34. Untitled, 35. ..., 36. cargo glass


Rachel said...

I am trying to take it easy. Which means dinner with girlfriends tonight, helping out my parents Saturday and Sunday and hopefully managing to squeeze in a bit of laundry and sewing. We'll see.

Massacremike said...

I'm lookin' ta git me one a dem knew, fang dangled lookin' hair doos. ;)

hmstrjam said...

hello, lovely finds! workin on art and bloggin, what else!

Julia said...

It was a stellar weekend. Your images are GREAT by the way!


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