like tea

yesterday, i came across this awesome, beautiful, wonderfully organized studio via oh happy day. it belongs to denise sharp, and i could very possibly be plotting to clone it in my own nonexistent studio space.

i love it. it reminds me of serene, and calm, and beauty. my sister knows someone who she says has a personality "like tea" - which i can only take to mean soothing and tranquil. since i've heard it, it's become my most favourite description of something.

happy family day weekend, everyone. hope you have a weekend filled with calmness and serenity.

a weekend like tea.


Massacremike said...

So then... would I be like coffee? Or perhaps Coke?

And the stuido looks great... except for that puny computer way over there in the corner. What is up with that!? Completely outrageous. The screen alone needs to be at least 20 times larger. Then I would sign off on this studio.

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

wow that's any artist's dream studio! I completely agree you should clone it. I know I would! Sadly that studio looks about the size of my apratment...^_^

Rachel said...

I'm totally stealing that description. It's so perfect.

Taylor said...

Oh My! That studio space is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :)

Hope you have a lovely, soothing, and tranquil "like tea" weekend, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! I am dribbling at the sight of this studio! Want! I'm going to save this picture for reference for when I finally get my own place to create.
For now, I shall just pine.....

Yolanda G said...

Have you ever pick up the magazine called "Where women create" it's put out my Sommerset studio. You would totally fall in love with it. They feature studios and creative spaces of women. It give you so many ideas on how to create your own piece of heaven. This one is cool I think I need to work on my own space now Thank you. I have my little studio room but it does need something.


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