holla! late post today. it's been buuuusy.

some cool things that i quite enjoy on this lovely rainy thursday:

DIY wine glass lampshades (above) and the Ikea Stylemeter over at Curbly. (apparently, according to the Stylemeter i'm a modern original, which is composed of 40% modern, 40% scandinavian, 20% country. what exactly that means, i have no idea. hmmm..)

i also think these footprint valentines are ridiculously cute. like, ridiculously. too bad i don't have a baby to do this with... i think if i were to give people valentines of my feet they'd think it was weird.

i don't blame them.

i've also been looking into finding letterpress places with studio time for rent (and that are willing to teach me without charging me $600), and haven't been able to find any in toronto or the GTA. elise referred me to briarpress as a resource, but there's nowhere that really fits what i'm looking for (or my budget... yowza!). anyhow, the studio shot she'd posted today makes me want to find a studio even more. it looks like the place that dreams (and works of art) are made. guh.

someday. sommmeday.

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Rachel said...

I would really love to buy a letterpress, but the fact that it would require a bigger apartment stops me cold. I had never thought of looking for a studio where you can rent time. Now I'm intrigued.


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