for the days when...

for the days when you have so many ideas of things you want to do, but you just can't seem to find the time nor energy but you feel like you're going to explode out of your skin:

breathe. deeply. you'll get there. rome wasn't built in a day. the sistene chapel wasn't painted in a week. turn your music down and lower your shoulders for a moment. or dance crazily to your favourite song. lean back in your chair, close your eyes. or go for a run. something. anything. whatever floats your boat. just don't stress yourself out too much, because there's only so many hours in a day. worrying about it won't extend it.

i know that it's easier said than done, so i find it helps to be a little proactive. keep a little memo pad to jot down your ideas as they come to you. don't focus on getting it to look pretty or about developing each idea fully - the key is to just get them down. once they're committed in ink, consider them to be out of your mind. they're safe on paper. you won't forget them. so write them down, and continue on with your day.

when you're feeling more settled, take a minute to flesh them out a bit more.
some will work out; some won't. try not to worry so much about those ones. it's normal - but more importantly - it doesn't mean that you've failed. no no - not in the least.

(if anything, it could be considered a sign of wisdom to know when to continue with a project and when it's better to stop spinning your wheels.)

in a time when people are sucked (or sometimes dragged kicking and screaming) into a 24/7 more-better-faster lifestyle, it's so important not to burn yourself out. there's a time to work, a time to play, and a time to give your brain a rest. y
ou're an incredibly talented + busy person - remember that even the most productive people in this world need to take a moment or thirty to themselves to rejuvenate. your output will thank you.

so save all of those brilliant and unruly ideas for a time when you can truly+ fully immerse yourself in them. you'll come out with a better quality product - and (quite possibly more importantly) you'll be able to appreciate the process more.

in the meanwhile, if you're stuck in the middle of that kind of day... your first step is to just breathe.


UniqueNurseGranny said...

Great advice and who does not need it these days?

Rachel said...

Such good advice! It sounds like you've been doing some serious thinking. You're so right about getting ideas down on paper. Now that I have a little notebook with space for sketches and notes, I feel much less frantic.

Massacremike said...

I try to never stop breathing. Tis hazardous to your health.

As for jotting things down. I used to try to do this but invariably I'd often find myself without paper when an idea strikes... or the opposite... by weeks end I'd be burried in paper scraps with lil notes jotted down on them. Kinda messy. So, recently I invested in Blackberry and one of the unexpected little perks that I've discovered is my ability to take all the notes my heart desires on this thing. I can even record audio notes to myself or snap a quick pic if I need. It's proving to be a handy little device to say the least. Then, when I have time to relax and while I'm still breathing of course, I can look back through all the notes I've made and pluck out the ideas that strike my fancy and which I deem worthy of developing further, committing to paper, drawing, painting, blogging... whatever. Now, this may not be the best choice for everyone but it certainly is working well for me. So, just thought I'd toss my hat in the ring, drop my two cents... you know what I mean. ;)

Julia said...

This is such a wonderful piece! I would love to see this in a health magazine :)


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