squishing it all in

some days, it's tough to get motivated. you float all around the interweb and get a lil down on yourself because it seems like you'll never have a fully stocked shop, or as much free time as others to get your marketing plans accomplished. you see how far others have progressed, and wonder how it's all humanly possible given the wee window of time that's wedged in between after work and dinner clean-up, and just before you have to start getting ready for the next day.

and then, as i'm making my lunch just before i go to bed, i remembered some words of wisdom about the idea of harmony vs. the notion of balance. and even moreso than when i'd first read it, they made sense to me. {not to say that i'm feelin less antsy about not getting the backlog of stuff done that i'd like to have finished by a week ago yesterday - cause i still am - but at least i'm cool with the whole harmony-instead-of-balance thing. cause god knows i'll never really and truly be "balanced".}

and so, it's with a grateful heart, that i say good-bye to monday and look forward to a fresh tuesday.

how do you work your life so that you stay productive? what helps you stay on course?


cindy : quaint said...

the short answer is that i really like to get things done even if it's just making the bed.

Julia said...

I loved Cindy's thoughts on this one. I wish I could say that I'm getting better at the balance thing after two years of having an Etsy shop and over a year of blogging. I'm still getting down on myself. I get mad when I see others with heaps of free time. Time to develop all of those things I desperately want to, like a bigger shop, a more varied blog, just more time to be creative. Ugh. The antsy feeling goes away when I try something new. Either a new kind of post or a new kind of book. Or just giving myself a second or two to journal. You are such a wise women, I feel like I soak up so much strength and grace from your words and encouragement.


Rachel said...

I get frustrated too, but I don't have any great solutions. I make lots of lists, I try to set aside time for doing nothing, because otherwise everything (even creating) starts to feel like a major chore. I think the best advice is "Be nice to yourself." Meaning, give yourself a break, try not to compare yourself to everything you see around you, and treat yourself well.

hmstrjam said...

yup i told you, the simple button!

Yolanda G said...

I make lists too and some things get checked off while some aren't that big of deal and can wait. For me as long as I put my mind to accomplish a couple of shop goals a week I happy!


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