oh hi!

so, here it is. my "studio" space. come in, come in! let me show you around. it's pretty alright - i'd taken these photos so that i could get a more objective viewpoint on the few things i'd like to change up a lil bit and so far, my plan of attack has been working. seeing it from a strangers eyes makes it a lot easier to remove myself from the room and envision what i'd like to do with it.

specifically, i'm going to take down the big poster i've got mounted above my desk, and switch out the shelves for a set of short floating shelves to provide additional storage space. while my lil white boxy shelves are cute, they're not very useful for anything other than decoration cause they're so small.

i'd like to put in an inspiration board cause they're pretty, and a silver rail from ikea to hang pretty pots from for easy access to the things i use most, like my pencils and paintbrushes. i like to keep my desk space clear cause i'm one of those people with the need to spread everything out while i'm working. everywhere.

in one of our conversations long ago,
i believe julia once referred to it as some sort of horizontal disorder - i think though, it's a bit more common than what my mom would've had me believe when i was six. i hate having to clean up all of my supplies when i'm in the middle of a project. i feel much more creative when i'm uninhibited by the set-up and clean-up process.

(try explaining that to your mom when she needs to set the dinner table and you've got glue and sparkles and felt and scissors and macaroni spread far and wide when you're a kid. it doesn't exactly fly.)

anyhow - here's the stuff on my desk. did i mention that i got the desk itself at a garage sale for $20 last summer? garage sales are great.

my tabletop easel in the left photo was a christmas gift from my dad and i quite enjoy it. if i can direct your attention to the black-brown shelf behind it, you'll notice my orange letter C that i found at urban outfitters. i like to consider it the birthplace of my letter collection. i've seen quite a few compilations of wooden/metal/letterpress block letters around lately, and have completely and utterly fallen in love with them. since having taken this photo, i've found another (smaller) wooden white one that is now sitting just in front of it. i'm on my way!

the reddish-orange coral is something i'd been looking for online for a while, and found during a cross-border shopping trip to target. it's one of my top favourite things right now.

and then there are my boxes. as you can see from my labels, i keep all of my little supply tidbits in the smaller boxes, while the larger tools such as my pasta machine (for polymer clay) and 11lb. anvil and hammers (for wirework), along with a bevy of hardcover foreign language books that were doomed for recycling when i them scooped up while i was working in the foreign language department at the university. i think i was planning on using them for altered books, but am now thinking i'll integrate them into a few paintings and other projects. what specifically? pfft. no clue.

so that's me. and that's my space.

thank ya for coming over to visit! be sure to stop by again this afternoon, when i announce my first-ever giveaway!


Rachel said...

So organized! I love it.

Design Lovely said...

I know how you feel. When you are in a space for so long it's hard to look at it from a different set of eyes. Love the shelving and your painting is beautiful!

Julia said...

Oh, Courtney, this is just amazing! You've done such a great job and the photos are excellent. I could move right in. You know, change the "C" to a "J" and it would be a second home!

I love your coral piece!

please sir said...

What a great looking space - and so organized!!

Taylor said...

oh Courtney! I am drooooooling over your space. Will you come down to Indiana and decorate mine, please? :)


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