it's a literary type of day

great things are blooming today. i can feel it.

the first thing that i meant to mention yesterday that i totally forgot to: marta's write club has begun! i'm excited to get rolling with the first week's assignment. ink, meet paper. woot. it also seemed highly appropriate (might i venture to say fateful?) that the ever-talented jennifer jeffrey has posted a super-insightful post about decoding what it means to be a writer, and how exactly one would get a professional triple-word-score if you were to be one of these types of individuals. the above photo is hers, too. i thought it fitting with today's theme.

special note
: check out the links at the end, too. good times. particularly for this bookwormie-slash-former bookstore-employee girl who's biggest goal in life at one time was to be an author of a bestselling non-fiction book. more on that another day.

thing numba two: it was actually sunny out this morning when i was driving to the bus station. not just a lil bit, but brilliantly cloudless-day sunny with pastel coloured skies and crisp* air. awesomeness abounds.

thing numba three: roll up the rim at tim horton's. nuff said. it's a national phenomenon that really can't be explained. you've gotta live here to appreciate it.

it's a short post today, but sometimes things are like that. i've got a meeting with my boss right at 9:15 and a notebook full of ideas to pitch to him. in the words of kal barteski, go!

*crisp might be considered an understatement, considering the -22 celsius windchill.


Massacremike said...

What is this write club you speak of?!

Winklepots said...

This is something I should be doing. Originally, I wanted to write a daily journal for my kids. I should probably start that up again. Great post. :o)

Rachel said...

I have never had Tim Horton's, but I feel like everyone talks about it and I'm jealous. Next time I take a trip, there will be a coffee and/or hot chocolate pit stop.

Dallas Shaw said...

just found your blog and saying a little hello


Tiffany said...

Found you from Jennifer Jeffrey's blog. I look forward to visiting more often. You have a great style and your artwork is beautiful!

Julia said...

Good luck with pitching your ideas! Love the typewriter image!

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the link! You're a sweetheart.

P.S.: Hope your pitches to the boss went well!

Have a great weekend.


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