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hello friday!

and so the week finishes off with a (cold) bang. this weekend, i've got crafty plans. it's gonna go a lil something like this.

tonight i'm going to finish work and head on over to mike's place, where we'll eat a lil something for dinner, watch some fringe and do a lil painting. saturday shall be the day for waking up early and keep on keepin' on. (drawing and painting, that is... maybe with a lil driving adventure worked in there somewheres.)

... well, sunday i've decided will be the day when i've decided to finally start finishing up my slipper chair that i started forever ago. it's still sitting - bare naked - in my basement. i won't be able to finish it up completely, but my next step is to measure the fabric that i've taken off to see how much i'll need to re-cover it. after that, it'll just be a matter of choosing the fabric and using the old pieces as a pattern. easy-peasy.

completely unrelated:
  • i'm looking forward to writing 101, which starts on monday with marta. it's been a lil while since i've actually sat down and done some writing for writing's sake, and so i don't wanna get too rusty. i'm thinking i'll pick and choose some of my literary output and post it up here from time to time.
  • the typewriter obsession continues with these antique typewriter paintings (pics above) from wendy chidester, found via please sir
  • i keep feeding my bag fetish
  • does your lunch keep getting stolen out of the fridge? check out these anti-theft lunch bags
finally, if you haven't already entered, don't forget about my first-ever giveaway! the deadline is saturday night, cause i'll be picking a winner on sunday.

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Julia said...

What a terrific weekend you have ahead of you :) Have heaps of fun, darling! And I'm off to check out the give-away!


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