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hello monday!

today started out kind of crappy, i must admit. first i couldn't find my cell phone before leaving for work, which made me run late, and then to add insult to injury, i burnt my mouth on my vanilla earl grey tea. yowza. it was one of those mornings where i just had to sit back, relax my shoulders, and exhaaaale. *whooooooosh*

fyi: vanilla earl grey tea is my new favourite thing. my sister made me a cup last night and it was absolutely incredible. divine, even. there's a few things in this world that i find innately calming; the scent of lavender, mulled apple cider on a cold day, listening to india.arie on my ipod, reading a good book with a glass of wine and candles lit, yoga, and now vanilla earl grey tea. i've been drinking the tetley one, but if any of you happen to know another brand, let me know so that i can expand my repertoire.

on saturday, i finished up a two more paintings that had been in-process forever. i've been really loving the super-simple pieces lately, and i think that these two are about as simple as they get. they're available as both original and print in the wunderbug shop as of today.


Massacremike said...

These are excellent additions to your portfolio and your ETSY shop. I really like them. I thought they looked awesome in real life when you were making them and that awesomeness really comes through loud and clear in your scans.


picciolo said...

lovely paintings, they would look great hung next to each other. Vanilla earl grey tea sounds good, thanks for the tip, I hope your monday got better
: )

Julia said...

Ooh, what a yummy concoction! I'm in love with this dear little painting :)

Rachel said...

I hate those mornings. I feel so betrayed when my tea burns my mouth - it is supposed to be comforting, not painful!

Your paintings are lovely. Once I'm allowed to shop again, I may have to go for that sweet pea one.

Design Lovely said...

That vanilla earl grey tea sounds really good. I will have to check it out. I also love India Arie! Love your paintings!

Taylor said...

Courtney- FYI...the republic of tea makes great tea!


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