speedy gonzales

buon giorno!

super quick post today since i'm hungry and have a billion things on my to-do list. however, a small item of housekeeping to mention, before i scamper off (and a few fun things, too!)

uno: want to add more wunderbug to your day? i've been on twitter for a while now, but am just now discovering new ways to use it beneficially. if you're on there, look me up and feel free to follow me!

sidenote: there's some awesome reading about twitter from yesterday's etsy success newsletter.. click here, here and here. check out the 'why bother?' section in that last link in particular. i'll be adding a link in my sidebar to my twitter page shortly - so stay tuned!

due: i forgot to extend my congratulations to julia from red otter, who was featured in monday's etsy finds. woot woot!

tres: shrove tuesday was something else i forgot to mention! i ate pancakes for dinner and they were absolutely delish. just thought you should know. (also - i heard on the radio that apparently if you use sparkling water in your pancake batter, it makes 'em more fluffy. i'm not so sure about that, but just thought i'd pass it along. hm.)

quattro: something i most definitely didn't forget was about ms kal's sweet sweet 'you are awesome' prints, which i received yesterday in the mail. so happy.

cinque: like typewriters, i'm developing a thing for watering cans. i think i'ma paint one.

'nuff said. back to work.


Rachel said...

I'm still scared of Twitter. But in the spirit of being fair minded, I will check out those links. Because I trust you.

Julia said...

XOXOX!!! Hope lunch was AWESOME!

picciolo said...

Your pancakes sound good, I didn't manage to have any but the fizzy water tip sounds interesting
: )

Massacremike said...

Ha - 'Nuff Said. Are you a comic nerd by chance, or do you just date one?

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

Twitter is like an outlet for me at least...tweet on!


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